Solar Colors 
Plant and mineral dyes. Hues from the sun.

Solar Color silks are hand-dyed with natural pigments given to us by the sun and the minerals of Earth. The flowering weeds Indigo and Weld give us Blue Jean blues and Lemon yellows. Heartwoods such as Logwood, Fustic, and Brazilwood give us Royal purples, shimmering Antique golds, and deep Ruby reds.

Textile artist Wendy Renee takes the silk on a journey from tangled threads simmering in a vat of liquid, to soft folds of perfectly ordered, vibrantly colored skeins. Many people purchase these works of art simply to fondle and gaze at the soft silks.

Safe natural colors are gentle to the eye, saturated with a subtle spectrum of colors that are much more attractive and pleasing than monochromatic chemical dyes. The colors are built up slowly in small batches, often taking several days and multiple trips through the dye broth. From winding skeins, to washing and rinsing, to shaking out tangles, to snapping the yarns soft again, I love every moment of the dye process.

These lovingly-dyed skeins are offered to textile artists, and to those who simply want a few lovely skeins in a basket on the hearth. These silks are so soft and beautiful, I added magnetic clasps. Wear them individually as bracelets! Or snap several colors together to make a lovely necklace. When you are ready to embroider, weave, knit, or crochet lace, just cut the elastic to unwind the skein.

Silk yarns and threads, hand-dyed in small batches by Wendy Renee. Available in two thicknesses, suitable for embroidery, fine knits, weaving, lace crochet, tassels, and so forth. Generous samples available upon request, to prospective purchasers only.

Purchase threads at solarcolor.etsy.com.