Solar Colors

Exercise for the mind and soul.

A free hoop class with every purchase.
Guidance to exand your skills and reach your dream. Hoop making classes and workshops in the garden. Live event performances with humor and silliness. Sewing assistance, good tea, and a laugh are always available at Renee's Hoopworks.

NEW! Hoop Huggies $45
Hoop huggies made with love, for people to protect the hoops they love.
Once you try a hoop huggie, you will never be without. What fits inside? As many hoops as you can carry, in a shockingly small footprint. The hoops nestle close (like bugs in a rug) and are protected and out from underfoot. Quick access! Fun to use. I have seen children, of their own accord, put hoops back inside a huggie when they are done playing. Now available: Blue Sand (pictured) $45 Durable synthetic fabric. Sage Rainbow (pictured) linen. Spring Green Dance, synthetic. Silk Grey Stripe (silk fabric $15 extra).

Sage Rainbow huggie, with 15 hoops, could hold more!

Don't let this happen to you! I was repairing a torn cotton huggie ($35 somewhere online) and noticed that (*) plain-weave cotton tends to fray, (*) and it was sewn with tension set on 'baste' over parts of the elastic seam! My huggies cost a little more ($45) yet immediately you will notice seams sewn to last, durable fabrics, and love. This is one hoop-pleasing huggie! I use two, one for big hoops, one for small hoops.

Exercise Hoops $30 (child) $40 (adult) $50
Hoops made with love for people who want durable beauty.
"As a beginner, I had a great deal of trouble finding hoops. No stores carry them, and instructors promised but were too busy to make hoops despite best intentions. Out of desperation, I learned to make my own. It's easy to make hoops -- if you want TEN!

Instead of struggling with tapes, materials, and techniques, buy your hoops from Renee!

Renee is a Scientist.
"I experiment with the variables. In hoopmaking, I study tension, friction, and weight characteristics. My favorite experiments involve adding bungee cords, trying to perfect a "shoop shoop" sound (update: I've done it!) and, speculating whether Musical Hoops could be constructed, with small air holes that play as you spin?"

Renee is a Teacher

Hoop Making Tutorial - PEX tubing.
Hoop Making Video Tutorial - PVC tubing.

Renee is a Hoop Dancer.

"My love affair with the hoop began about five years ago. I have been hooping literally continuously for two years!" A skilled Renaissance dancer, she brings creativity, patience and humor to her hoop classes and hoop practice.


more to come, there always is